Get Ready to Fall in Love With Trauboth’s Jazzy, Chill-out Song “Bluebird”

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Trauboth shared his song “Bluebird” with ZILLION!FM on November 30, 2022 to see if fans would enjoy his new jazzy, chill-out style. The song was released online and has been available for fans to listen to for the past 7 days.

One of our curators reviewed Trauboth’s song “Bluebird” and found that it is a perfect fit for his unique style of music. The combination of deep bass lines with the guitar, complimented by atmospheric piano sounds, creates a sound that is both relaxing and engaging. The addition of female vocals adds a layer of emotion to the song, making it a truly moving experience. This evidence shows that “Bluebird” is a perfect example of Trauboth’s jazzy, chill-out style and why it is important to highlight this genre of music.

In addition to the expert opinion of our curator, the positive response from fans also supports the idea that “Bluebird” is a successful example of Trauboth’s jazzy, chill-out style. Many listeners have commented on the song’s soothing and relaxing qualities, as well as its unique blend of instrumentation and vocals. These responses indicate that “Bluebird” is resonating with fans and is a perfect representation of Trauboth’s signature sound.

According to Trauboth, a music producer from Germany, “In the past you shared a song. Maybe you like this new peace.” This indicates that he believes fans will enjoy his new song, “Bluebird,” and that it is worth sharing and promoting. The producer is confident in the quality of the new song and is eager for it to be heard by a wider audience.

TRAUBOTH – Bluebird

TRAUBOTH’s latest release, “Bluebird,” is a dreamy and tuneful chill-out track with a strong jazz influence. The raw, edgy vocals are matched perfectly with the warm melodies and peaceful lyrics, creating a truly attractive and inspiring sound. The balanced instrumental accompaniments, including a nostalgic organ sound, add an extra layer of depth to the track.

TRAUBOTH’s talent, imagination, and professionalism are clear in this creative and well-structured song. With its strong commercial potential and high-quality production, “Bluebird” is sure to appeal to a wide audience of chill-out and jazz fans.

If you’re a fan of this music genre, you won’t want to miss “Bluebird.” Head to TRAUBOTH’s website to download the track and support this talented independent artist.

Overall, “Bluebird” is a beautifully crafted and enjoyable track that showcases TRAUBOTH’s impressive musical abilities. From start to finish, the song is well-structured and offers enough contrast to keep the listener engaged. The warm melodies, edgy vocals, peaceful lyrics, and balanced instrumental accompaniments all come together to create a unique and appealing sound.

In terms of production quality, “Bluebird” is top-notch. The recording and production are both crisp and clear, allowing the listener to fully appreciate the nuances of the track. This attention to detail is a testament to TRAUBOTH’s professionalism and dedication to his craft.

In conclusion, “Bluebird” is a must-listen for fans of chill-out and jazz music. The track’s unique sound, high-quality production, and commercial potential make it a standout release from TRAUBOTH. Don’t miss your chance to support this talented independent artist and download “Bluebird” today.


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