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Roger Sanchez

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Roger Sanchez, a Grammy Award-winning producer and DJ known as one of the world’s leading House music performers, hosts Release Yourself radio.

Sanchez’s reputation as a “DJ’s DJ” and “Producer’s producer,” along with his unwavering position among the world’s top techno DJs, are testaments to how strongly he believes that music can free people—both physically and mentally.

Roger, who was raised by Dominican parents in Queens, New York, became enthralled with music during his teenage years.

Roger’s commitment to reflecting this range of musical genres and his ongoing drive to push the frontiers of house music were both fueled by—and exemplified in—the diversity of these influences, which ranged from salsa, blues, and soul through disco/funk rock mixtures right up into hip hop.

Roger has blazed a trail as an ambassador for the electronic dance music revolution and genuine global citizen, releasing his soulful performances on frantic dance floors all over the world.

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Roger Sanchez

Roger Sanchez

Roger Sanchez: the one and only Grammy Award Winning DJ and producer known for his hit song "Another Chance," which became popular worldwide in 2001!

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