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Anna Tur

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Radio has been part of Anna Tur’s life since she was a child. Her father, who founded Ibiza Global Radio, where her mother works as an on-air personality and writer, instilled in all his children the importance of engaging with music as well as broader society through journalism.

After 16 years of serving as the CEO of Ibiza Global Radio, she chose to create her own path with a philosophy that better suited her.

The electronic sounds in her music range from house to techno, a style she describes as “sophisticated.”

The sound that now characterizes her, will be transmitted through the magic of the airwaves via this space as a channel of expression at an emotional level so high it could lift your socks off.

She will interact with the music, you, and your emotions during her performance. She creates musical arrangements that are harmonious and tell a story using music from performers around the globe.

This is ON AIR with Anna Tur.

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Anna Tur

Anna Tur

Anna Tur is a DJ, producer, and broadcaster who has made Ibiza's most internationally prominent natural artist. She is known for her deep knowledge of music, as well as her ability to curate the most powerful sounds from all corners of the globe.

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