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  • We do not accept music released before 2022
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You’ve got the music, we’ve got the listeners.

Artists and labels can submit their music to us via our website, and we’ll take a look at it. We don’t guarantee placement in our programming, but if we like your stuff, we’ll promote it by broadcasting your song.

Zillion!FM is a radio station that plays all kinds of EDM. We are always looking for new music to play. If we like what you send us, we might choose to play it on our station. But we don’t promise anything—we only play the music that we think sounds great.

That said if your music is good enough for Zillion!FM, it’s good enough for everyone else too! So if you do get in front of our listeners and they love what they hear… well, now’s your chance to make a lot more people happy than just our listeners.

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    About Us

    ZILLION!FM is a jungle-themed radio station based in Marbella, Spain. We’re committed to bringing you the best Afro House, Dance, Deep House, and House music. It’s time to enter the jungle and get lost in our sound … learn more about ZILLION!FM