Russian Deep Ocean


Russian Deep Ocean

The sound of Russian Deep House

The sound of Russian Deep Ocean will fill your Saturdays with infinite pleasure. The Russian Deep Ocean is a weekly show, dedicated to the best deep house of all times. The show is hosted by top producers. This radio show takes listeners on a musical journey, with deep, entrancing vocals and an eclectic mix of Russian artists—including Kamensky, Soundsperale, Abriviatura IV and Chunkee.

Anton Kurlykin is from Lipetsk, Russia and he is also known as Soundsperale. He is an artist with a unique sound. A&R and musician, he works with labels Anbito Records, Soundeo, Deep Strips and Gravity.

His top hits ranked on Beatport include “Heartbeat Tonight (Chunkee Intro Extended Mix)” (May 30, 2019), “Don’t Leave Me Alone (Daytonite Remix)” (August 19, 2022) and “Power (Patrick Podage Remix)” (September 11, 2018).

Soundsphere continues to gain international recognition for his groundbreaking innovations in the field of electronic music.

The emotional impact and the imaginative quality of a Soundsperale track are undeniable.

Over the years, his taste in music has evolved from commercial dance to deep house and every track he creates is a love message for all people. During these years as a producer Soundsperale has established himself and gained support from worldwide musicians and DJs.

As the discography of Soundspeale grows and new releases bring in additional listeners, his audience has grown to include avid followers from across genres.

Throughout these years, he has been pushing his career by working with a number of producers and managers. He is not only a musician; he is also a DJ as well as the boss at Deepwibe Records label, which brings top deep disco music to the masses.

Soundsperale is a versatile artist who creates music for any occasion. He has the ability to produce tracks that will fit well in the clubs, but also those that are perfect for chilling out at home. His unique style and smooth production makes him stand out among other artists in this genre.

He’s also a radio host for RDO – Russian Deep Ocean at Radio Marbella in Spain, ZILLION!FM’s former name.

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