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Roger Sanchez, a Grammy Award-winning producer and DJ known as one of the world's leading House music performers, hosts Release Yourself radio. Sanchez's reputation as a "DJ's DJ" and "Producer's producer," along with his unwavering position among the world's top techno DJs, are testaments to how strongly he believes that music can free people—both physically and mentally. Roger, who was raised by Dominican parents in Queens, New York, became enthralled […]

Roger Sanchez, a DJ, and producer from the Dominican Republic who specializes in house music, was born June 1st, 1967. He is best known for his hit song “Another Chance,” which became popular worldwide in 2001; as well as his remix of No Doubt’s “Hella Good”, for which he won a Grammy Award.

In 1999, 2002, 2004, and 2007—out of a total of twelve nominations—he won the “Best House DJ” DJ Award.

He was the first winner of the International Dance Music Award for best podcast in 2007. Since then, he has been nominated eight times as American DJ — 2003–2010 category.

After starting out at nightclubs in New York City, Sanchez eventually performed around the world.

The DJ has established a solid reputation in the European club scene, particularly on the Spanish island of Ibiza. He lives there throughout the summer and continues to play at top venues including Pacha and Space when he is not touring elsewhere.

Sanchez’s work spans genres and generations, from remixes he made for A-list artists like Diana Ross, Kylie Minogue, Daft Punk, and Madonna to his original music. His songs have hit the European and world charts.

He received his first Grammy Award for Best Remixed Recording in 2003, thanks to his remix of No Doubt’s “Hella Good.” With 15 million listeners globally, he conducts the weekly radio program Release Yourself on terrestrial and online platforms.

Sanchez also hosts a biweekly podcast that is available all around the world. The podcast received IDMA’s first-ever award for Best Podcast in 2007 and broadcast its 1000th edition on December 21, 2020. (IDMA).

Ultra Records’ Sanchez was ranked 60th in DJ Magazine’s annual Top 100 poll, which came out on October 28th.

In 2002, Sanchez founded his own record company, Stealth Records. He compiles an annual series of compilation albums—Release Yourself—that are known for blending deep house sounds with Latin, tribal, and tech influences.

Roger held a seminar for aspiring DJs in 2018.

“Hustle,” a word used by DJs and musicians to describe their work ethic, is often overused. However, for Inter, this quality perfectly describes his rise to success as an up-and-coming artist.

With his S-Man stage identity’s ongoing success and his first releases under his own name in a while, 2015 is proving to be one of Roger Sanchez’s most inventive years.

In 2014, Roger Sanchez returned to his S-Man persona and relaunched his Stealth Recordings label with the massive single “Remember Me” (feat. Stealth). The song, which originally came out as Pete Tong’s Essential New Track and became a worldwide hit after signing deals with the Ministry of Sound in Australia, Ego in Italy, We Play Germany, and Blanco Y Negro Spain among others.

After the success of his track “Chicago” on the Buzz Chart, Apset’s new single has been added to a long and illustrious list that includes superstars like Madonna and George Clinton.

He has performed in front of audiences on five continents, indicating a growing demand for his distinct brand of dance music.

He fuses emerging artists like Dusky and Huxley with next-level, underground jewels from labels and producers around the globe—all mixed with his two decades’ worth of expertise as a DJ.

He remains passionate about finding and promoting new artists, whether they are obscure or well known. On his radio show, he explores their music by first road-testing it in the booth before bringing them on air.

In addition to his own song “Dangerous Thoughts,” which he released on UNDR THE RADR in 2014 as S-Man, the label also featured a Man Without A Clue & Kevin Knapp duet titled “Drop The Needle.”

Following the success of his “Amour” collaboration with Riva Starr for the house DJ’s popular Snatch label, Jay Lumen worked with Huxley and Tough Love, to continue breaking new ground.

Roger’s rise to dance music stardom is truly captivating. From his humble beginnings in NYC, where he dug through dusty crates and now headlines festivals all over the world—his journey has been phenomenal!

Hip-hop, a musical genre that resonated with young people across New York in the late 1980s, inspired DJ Roger Sanchez to start creating his own music.

As a break-dancer and graffiti artist, Sanchez attended parties by the Bronx River where he met other DJs.

He gave it a shot in a natural setting, and his creativity behind the turntables grew from just a few singles into an ambitious catalog of over two thousand original productions & remixes.

His prolific output makes it hard to keep track of his many projects: S-Man, Roger S., The Nu-Solution, Underground Solution, DV8. Ego Trip and the Funkjunkeez have all been used as pseudonyms for releases over the years—as well as El Mariachi and Transatlantic Soul are just a few aliases he’s employed in releasing music under for audiences around the world.

With each new identity, he has been able to take his music in new directions. He’s been able to follow trends while also going against the grain by experimenting with different sounds.

DJs understand that it takes both effort and creativity to find new songs and remixes.

Roger grew up in New York City, where he developed a passion for crate diving—searching through prestigious record shops to find rare samples and breakbeats.

Originally an artist who studied at the Pratt Institute’s School of Architecture, Roger became increasingly involved in music culture as he started selling his own mixtapes on Broadway—to pay for his first engagements.

Roger abandoned his goal of becoming an architect when he was encouraged by his father, a civil engineer, to focus on music. His first 12-inch single under the name Egotrip – “Dreamworld” – debuted in 1990 on Outer Limits Recordings.

After Sanchez had been DJing for several years, he decided to produce music as well. Using the name “Underground Solution,” he released his first track on Strictly Rhythm records—Luv Dancin’ by Gladys Pizarro—which landed him a tour spot with her and other artists on that label.

Since then, Roger hasn’t stopped working hard to create captivating remixes for a variety of artists, including Michael Jackson and The Police—just two of the many superstars who have benefited from his talent, who won a Grammy in 2003 for Best Remixed Recording with the song “Hella Good,” which he remixed.

In 2007, Roger received the first-ever Best Podcast Award at the International Dance Music Awards.

His weekly radio show is broadcast on terrestrial and online stations, reaching more than 10 million listeners globally. Additionally, he releases a new podcast episode every other week.

The Release Yourself Radio Show is broadcast in 30 markets across all continents, including such countries as Brazil, Russia and Australia.

He produces podcasts and mixes while on the road, in addition to broadcasting—and all this despite being a seasoned festival warrior.

This man’s goal is to share music with people across the globe.

Upon moving to Ibiza in 2000, Roger became a resident DJ at several of the island’s top nightclubs, including Pacha and Space. In 2015 he took some time off from his residency but will return this year. In addition to his relentless touring, broadcasting, and producing schedule, this man is also publishing a book in December.

Sanchez’s real fans turn to him as their house music pioneer because of the sincerity in his global appeal.

In addition, he has compiled a series of successful compilation CDs under the Release Yourself moniker, featuring songs by both well-known and up-and-coming artists alongside his own work.

The S-Man says, “I’m continuously moving forward without losing sight of where I’ve been.” He is constantly changing in his hustling and pushing others to accomplish better himself as well.

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