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Russian Deep Ocean

The sound of Russian Deep House

The sound of Russian Deep Ocean will fill your Saturdays with infinite pleasure. The Russian Deep Ocean is a weekly show, dedicated to the best deep house of all times. The show is hosted by top producers. This radio show takes listeners on a musical journey, with deep, entrancing vocals and an eclectic mix of Russian artists—including Kamensky, Soundsperale, Abriviatura IV and Chunkee.

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Anton Kamensky, better known by his stage name Kamensky, is a Russian musician, producer, DJ, and resident DJ at ZILLION!FM.

His passion for music started at a young age: even as a child, he learned to play the accordion. This instrument has been an integral part of his life ever since—and it’s what inspired him to start writing songs and producing tracks.

Kamensky’s love for House music began with hearing De Javu—a song that he says “I can’t stop listening to.” It was this track that inspired him to start writing music and DJing himself.

His stage name is derived from his last name, which is Kamensky. He describes his music as simultaneously sophisticated and accessible, drawing inspiration from deep house and nu disco while blending dance-pop into the mix.

He released the first of his tracks, “Violin”, in 2005 and since then has gone on to release more on SoundCloud.

Since 2007, Kamensky has performed most frequently in Moscow nightclubs.

He has also collaborated with other musicians such as Anton Ishutin, Note U, Sharliz, Katya Olszewska, Sean Sago, Abriviatura IV, Kvinn and more. The songs that had the most impact on his musical career were Robert Miles’ “Fable”, and De Javu’s “I Can’t Stop”.

For Kamensky, the project that had the most impact on his musical career was De Javu – I can’t stop by KNOB. He got goosebumps every time he listened to it, and this helped shape both his current style of music writing or performing!

These are the compositions that always give me goosebumps


His sound is characterized by deep house basslines, trance leads, catchy melodies, and beautiful vocals all coming together in a way that his fans call “Dream Deep”—a unique sound that combines elements from different musical genres.

Kamensky has reworked his 2010 collaboration with Katya, “Only You Can Make Me Happy”, into a new track called “Kamensky feat. Katya Olszewska – OYCMMH” released on August 5, 2022. The initial version was already interesting but the remake is downright fantastic! It will fit perfectly into both DJ charts and personal playlists of Deep House fans, according to Kamensky.

Kamensky’s biggest lesson from making music is that a person needs to rely only on himself, and never give up—not even when things get hard. Kamensky loves Pioneer and Reloop mixers because they are simple to operate, reliable, and built to last.

Kamensky plans to release a Deep House version of a famous hit in the near future. Let there be a surprise for everyone!

In April of 2022, Kamensky released his most popular song to date, “Your Fantasy.” The song features Katya Olszewska and was recorded on his own label, Anbito. It has over 200K views on YouTube.

In the next five years, Kamensky will start performing again as a DJ—which he was actively engaged in during the 2010s—having traveled to many cities throughout Russia and neighboring countries.

His current goals are to build his own commercial music studio where he can record and release talented artists.

He also plans to develop his musical talents further so that he can make even more intriguing music than before!

Written on July 31, 2022, by Heathcliff Spencer Peters, ZILLION!FM
Writing service: https://zillionfm.com/professional-biography/

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