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Heathcliff is a doer. He’s not afraid to follow his passion, and he doesn’t regret anything he does because he’s proud of what he does and who he is. Heathcliff only allows to surround himself with people who share his level of ambition, talent, and drive.

Heathcliff was born in 1980. Raised in the Netherlands, he left for the Spanish seaside resort of Salou, Catalonia, Spain at the beginning of 2000. There, he worked for a local magazine that also took care of bookings of famous Dutch people. He came into contact with celebs such as DJ Maurice Huismans—known for David Tavaré’s hit Summerlove—and Theo Nabuurs—known as Mental Theo from the hits Wonderful Days and Revolution.

During this period in Salou, Heathcliff lived with a group of young people in the large villa owned by the rich diamond merchant Francoli. During the evenings, they made the nightlife in Salou unsafe and captured their wildlife on video tape every day. Mental Theo discovered one of the video tapes—who then broadcast our adventures on national Dutch television on the then music television channel TMF (The Music Factory) during his show “Mental Theo on The Road” where Heathcliff played the lead role with Gardenier.

Mental Theo
Mental Theo (left) – Heathcliff (right), Mental Theo on the Road recording in the backyard of the villa, Salou

Four years later he returned to the Netherlands to start a graphic company for artists and came into contact with the music production company White Villa Entertainment B.V. in Ede, Netherlands, founded by John Dirne known as John Marks. During that period he worked with producers such as 4 Strings, Artento Divini, Maarten de Jong, DJ Jean, the Turkish singer Hadise, daughter of Hulk Hogan Brooke Hogan, FIO, and many more. He made official websites and video recordings and other graphic work.

He moved to Marbella on January 1, 2011.

On March 6, 2017, he launched the vocal deep house radio station Radio Marbella, which in a period of 12 months gained more listeners than the other local radio stations that have been around for more than 14 years and it was nominated as the best station of the world.

He has worked with A. Rassevich, Abee Sash, Alex Spite, Andrey Sostin, Armada Music, Black Legend, Da Buzz, Chunkee, Claptone, Deadmau5, Don Diablo, Jesse Saunders, Julia Turano, Kamensky, Nicky Romero, Nora and Pure, Paul van Dyk, Pretty Pink, Soundsperale and Xenia Ghali and many others.

He felt that the name Marbella was too local and could minimize growth so he pulled the plug without regret. On his birthday July 19th, 2022 he relaunched his radio station with an original concept completely from scratch, ZILLION!FM.

He functions as a fact-checking journalist, radio programmer, and boss to take care of the business aspect of running a radio station. Heathcliff is committed to making sure that people have access to all the latest news and music—and he knows that’s not easy when you have so many other things on your plate. That’s why he works hard to make it easy for people to get what they want—whether that’s an interview with your favorite artist or simply some relaxing tunes at the end of a long day.

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ZILLION!FM is a jungle-themed radio station based in Marbella, Spain. We’re committed to bringing you the best Afro House, Dance, Deep House, and House music. It’s time to enter the jungle and get lost in our sound … learn more about ZILLION!FM