With an exclusive show to appeal to those outsides of clubs, Claptone takes listeners on a voyage filled with delights.

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It was many generations ago that a bird-like creature appeared from the shadows of the woods, floating and fluttering—drifting and dreaming. Dressed in a brilliant golden mask that shines with an iridescent brilliance, this unidentifiable being may have brought much joy to those who can appreciate its otherworldly beauty.

The mythological creature’s long, beak-like horn inspired people to call it Claptone.

His life-changing adventures while touring medieval landscapes have left Claptone with a unique perspective on the world. His mystifying music and exotic instruments both enthrall and amaze his fans, who find him mysterious and melancholy despite his esoteric charms.

This mysterious, musical creature was once shrouded in mystery. But after his abilities were revealed to the world, he began touring—using shamanic sonic tactics to mesmerize audiences worldwide.

Because of his reclusive nature and reluctance to be in the spotlight, Claptone is often described as a mythological figure—a shadowy man who exists somewhere between fame and obscurity.

Some of his DJ sets, which are supported by supple rhythms from the house world and have true soul, may jack you up or zone you out—depending on your mood. These performances continue to throw fans into a frenzy since he emerged in 2012.

With more than 260 concerts each year around the world, it takes courage to remain so anonymous—even in our highly visual digital age.

In 2017, he took “The Masquerade” around the world with stops in various locations. Special guests included Black Coffee, Claude von Stroke, and MK; Pete Tong also made appearances at some of these events.

From Ibiza to Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro, and Berlin, Claptone brought his Masquerade show all over the world. Highlights included two joint venture events with Elrow at Amnesia—all parties kept going until sunrise!

The concerts were the club’s first sold-out performances of the year, and he kept his audience enthralled for seven continuous hours.

In addition to his performances at Melt and Tomorrowland festivals, Claptone hosted an arena at the enormous Paradiso Festival. He also performed live online with invited guests during a set that was viewed by four million people around the world.

Claptone’s music is so powerful that listeners are transported to another realm, rather than distracted by the entertainers they see on stage. Claptone himself maintains his anonymity as a result—and happily so!

Over the past year, Claptone has produced a ton of stylish remixes of well-known artists—including Depeche Mode, New Order, and Disclosure—which demonstrate how in demand this artist is.

He was chosen as the best remixer of Gorillaz songs, and his track “The Drums” was played continuously on BBC Radio 1. It became a hit at summer music festivals in Ibiza and beyond.

This led the BBC to invite him for a live performance at the annual Ibiza Weekender—Claptone won Best House DJ at the Ibiza Club Awards for the third year in a row, as well his ranking as the highest “underground” artist on Dj Mag’s list of top 100 DJs (behind Carl Cox).

In 2018, Claptone released a new album — “Fantast” — in June. This record sees him pushing even further into his own musical domain, so expect it to be just as busy and rewarding for fans.

Claptone has created an enchanting album that is at once whimsical and naïve, in a liberating way thanks to the assistance of several captivating voices. Let Claptone disprove your notions about what he is capable of!

Claptone uses his weekly Clapcast podcast, which has been downloaded more than six million times just in 2017, to keep his one million Facebook fans happy. He also broadcasts the show on over 70 radio stations.

Known for the diversity of his musical offerings—for clubs, radio, and home streaming alike—he also lets fans into a small portion of his magical world by offering up self-designed t-shirts and masks.

Promotion services for artists, businesses, and record labels!
Promotion services for artists, businesses, and record labels!
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