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Cevin Fisher

Two well-known producers and DJs, Cliff Saint-Cyr and Cevin Fisher share ownership of Import Tracks. These two men were also founders of the original Hardtrax label. These two label owners are not new to the business; they have achieved international recognition and renown throughout the years. Having performed at some of the greatest clubs in the world while frequently traveling, there’s no doubt that this duo is a force to […]

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Cevin Fisher has been named the Best DJ by New York City’s Village Voice. He is known for his performances at many of NYC’s most important nightclubs, including Pacha NYC and Paradise Garage.

Before producing his own music, he remixed songs by Chaka Khan and Quincy Jones, including “Love You All My Lifetime” and “I’ll Be Good to You,” which debuted at the top of the US Billboard Dance Chart.

In the early 1990s, he collaborated with Cliff Richards to make “House is a Feeling” and “Hands On Love,” earning the admiration of Strickly Rhythm records.

He took advice from Danny Tenaglia and went out on his own to release his music.

He emphasized Cevin’s genuine potential and his ability to succeed on his own. Inspired by the sign, he wrote “The Way We Use To” and “Check This Out”.

Sasha & Digweed, David Morales, Danny Tenaglia and others have all included these tracks in their sets while performing at venues around the world.

“The Freaks Come Out,” “Women Beat the Men” and “(You Got Me) Burning Up,” three of his biggest hits, all featured Holloway’s vocals.

Cevin has continued his tenure at Pacha NYC, touring the world and collaborating with artists such as Erick Morillo, Danny Tenaglia, Mark Knight—and many more. He’s had a streak of successful collaborations such as Erick Morillo, D. Ramirez, Layo and Bushwacka, Pete Griffths, Mark Knight, and Coyu to name a few.

He launched the “Import Tracks” label in 2014, releasing brand-new, edgy tech house songs including his hit track, “(Now Let’s Go) House”, which was chosen as the top Beatport Baseware 2015 single.

In addition to this recent string of critically praised albums, Cevin has just started performing live all over the world again—and moved to Geneva, Switzerland.

Due to his connection with the crowd and frequent use of live noises and edits, Cevin is able to get everyone moving.

His exposure to diverse cultures has honed his DJ skills, and he can keep a club busy for many hours. His music features explosive drums, entrancing voices, deep house moods—and tribal rhythms.

Cevin is a very talented producer and DJ. His music can be enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds. If you are looking for a DJ who can keep your party going until sunrise, then Cevin is the one for you.

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