Controversia Radio Show is a weekly radio show on ZILLION!FM. It airs every Saturday and is hosted by Alok. Controversia Radio Show is dedicated to bringing you the best music from all over the world, with an emphasis this is hosted by the world's most awarded DJ in the world, ALOK.

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Alok Achkar Peres Petrillo, also known as Alok or DJ ALOK, is a Brazilian musician and record producer. He was born on August 26th 1991 and his song “Hear Me Now” has become very popular in Brazil. Currently the highest ranking Brazilian DJ by Mixmag poll (rank #4).

Awarded accolades and prizes such as “Best DJ in Brazil” by House Mag in 2014 and 2015, Alok has become one of the most recognizable figures within the Brazilian electronic industry.

In 2018 he was ranked as one of the top 25 worldwide by Dj Mag magazine. The following year he was chosen by Forbes Brazil as one of the nation’s 30 most prominent people under age 30; along with creating Controversia Records, a Spinnin’ Records subsidiary established July 2019.

Alok’s parents founded the Universo Paralello electronic music festival in Bahia, Brazil, and were pioneers of psytrance in their country. They are also DJs—his father is from Goa (Indian), his mother from Italy; they met while studying abroad

After Alok’s parents visited spiritual teacher Osho in India, he suggested that they name their son “Alok,” which means “light” in Sanskrit.

With his twin brother, Bhaskar Petrillo, he began working at age 12. He began his solo career at 19 and was eventually recognized as one of Brazil’s most renowned electronic music producers. Named “Best DJ in Brazil” by House Mag for two consecutive years (2014 and 2015), he is the only Brazilian to be ranked among the top 25 DJs in the world by DJ Magazine in 2016.

He started learning to play the piano when he was 10 years old, along with his fraternal twin brother Bhaskar. He and Bhaskar played drums at their father Swarup’s band’s 2004 practice sessions; Ekanta says that

The brothers enlisted their friends Zumbi and Pedro (both DJs) to teach them how they created remixes. With this knowledge, the two became skilled at mixing songs—with Victor on keyboards and Vinícius with guitars.

Once Dick Trevor set up the Logic Pro music editing tool, Swarup and Prem were able to compose songs with ease.

He and his brother went to see their parents’ psy trance party presentations, where they discovered many undiscovered talents in the electronic music field. Petrillo founded UP Club Records as a way of showcasing these artists’ work on vinyl records, CDs and online streaming services like Spotify.

As of August 2021, Alok is the most used character in Garena Free Fire. Alok Petrillo became a character in November 2019 under the name “Alok” and released a song called Vale Vale with Zafrir that same month.

It was the fourth anniversary of Free Fire, so Petrillo, Dimitri Vegas, Like Mike and KSHMR collaborated on a tune.

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