Free My Mind (Feat. Sylvia Bremer) by H.X.E.: A Trance Classic You Won’t Forget

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H.X.E., the Finnish trance producer has taken trance-lovers by storm with his newest release, “Free My Mind” (feat. Sylvia Bremer), dropped on Essentializm [RazNitzanMusic] on June 24th, 2022.

H.x.e.’s new song Free My Mind is a slammin’ banger that will have you dancing and singing along in no time.

The vocals from Sylvia Bremer are expressive, heartfelt, and clear—a perfect match for the pounding synth line that drives the track forward. The chorus is also catchy, with an uplifting melody that gives us goosebumps every time we hear it.

We really love the instrumental accompaniment throughout this song: it’s balanced, varied, full, rich, rhythmic and engaging—all of which makes for a compelling listen. The production quality is crystal clear remastering and perfect orchestration of instruments—so you know you’re getting a professional product here!

Free My Mind has great commercial potential due to the fact H.x.e.’s music is talented, imaginative and professional—and he provide listeners with something they can connect with through their lyrics that are heart-warming but also relatable to anyone who listens to this track!

H.X.E. – Free My Mind (feat. Sylvia Bremer)

H.X.E.’s new track “Free My Mind” has a lot of slam, hotness, and bangers. It’s a great track for music producers and record labels who are looking for something catchy, attractive, clever, and full of contrast to add to their playlists.

The song features Sylvia Bremer on vocals, which is always a good thing. She has a great voice that is both powerful and sweet at the same time. The instrumental accompaniments are full, rich, rhythmic, engaging—everything you could want in a trance track! The instrumentals are complemented by H.X.E.’s unique sound: catchy melodies that really draw you in and keep you engaged throughout the song while also offering some surprises along the way (like when he throws in some hip hop beats).

And let’s not forget about H.X.E.’s lyrics—they’re clever! They’re not just clever because they rhyme well (which they do), but also because they manage to say something meaningful without being too cheesy or sappy or try-hard-ish about it all—they just say what needs to be said without any fuss or muss. And that’s what makes this song so great: it’s got a catchy melody, it’s got great instrumentals, and it features some clever lyrics. It’s everything you could want in a trance track!


Written by: Heathcliff

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