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    Onyx 195 Xenia Ghali

Every Saturday, Jungle All-Stars with Award-Winning DJs like Xenia Ghali is on the air. Jungle All-Stars is a radio program that plays nothing but the hottest beats from around the world. It’s hosted by award-winning DJs and producers. If you missed any episodes of Jungle All-Stars or want to listen again because you forgot about them, don’t worry—Episodes Reload will replay every episode after it airs live!


  1. Tom Peters – Vulkan (Original Mix)
  2. Dr Feel – Vaudzeyi Vanamate (Native Tribe & Da Q-Bic Inhuman’s Remix)
  3. Deep Aztec, Da Mike – Ethembeni feat. Deep Aztec (Original Mix)
  4. Drush (FR) – Yolo (Original Mix)
  5. Henrik Schwarz – Not Also You (Original Mix)
  6. THEMBA – Who is Themba
  7. Caiiro – The Akan (Original Mix)
  8. Siina, Tcks – Madawi (Original Mix)
  9. Black Circle – Double Dip (Original Mix)
  10. King Man P – Amandla feat. Black Africa (Original Mix)

Xenia Ghali

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