Warm up your day with Amberlind’s Reasons the Behmer Remix (feat. Michael Rice)

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Remember when it used to rain? When it snowed and shriveled up the flowers that were previously blooming? Remember when you were told to close the windows because of a storm coming? Any of this make sense? Not one bit. Amberlind’s Reasons the Behmer Remix is the perfect song to start your day with. It’s a catchy tune you can’t help but love. Feel free to sing along to the beat.

WoodHouse Publishing released Amberlind’s dance track, Reasons the Behmer Remix, on November 11, 2022. The song features Michael Rice.

This track has a predictable arrangement of sections, making it easy to follow along. The break is professionally executed and the song’s structure—uncluttered and straightforward—makes for an enjoyable listen.

The lyrics are punchy and to the point—they’re not so dense that they get in the way of enjoying a song, but also don’t feel amateurish. The vocals suit each track perfectly with strong melodies that make you want to sing along from your first listen. The accompaniment is wonderful: The bagpipes stand out especially well.

Behmer & AMBERLIND – Reasons (Behmer Remix) (feat. Michael Rice)

If you love dance music, then this song is for you! We’ll be sure to let our listeners know about it as soon as we get a chance so check it out below!

The crazy energy of this song is a great way to get you moving. The intro is long and builds up suspense, which is something we love.

We’re dealing here with a bunch of professionals who know exactly what they’re doing. Everyone knows the words and can’t help but sing along with the catchy chorus “Ohhh ooh!” during this high energy dance song.

You’ll be impressed by the vocals and lyrics throughout, but it’s the instrumental accompaniments that kill it for us—the bagpipes are killing it, the massive drums during the break is the sweet spot.

The structure is all there: intro, ups and downs, break and outro…it’s all there! This is the type of banger that ends up in the charts.

The production quality is perfectly remastered; you’ll hear every instrument clearly so you’ll never miss a beat!

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Written by: Heathcliff

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